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Product launch

We've executed few hundreds of campaigns helping our clients to launch new products. We've worked for almost all industries, from non-govs to FMCG to heavy industries and energy industry.

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Crisis management

We help to prevent crisis and prepare companies for the event of crisis. If the crisis happens, we help to mimize it's negative impact on the organisation. We have developed our proven, unique method.

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Launch of global brand in Poland

We help to introduce global products and services to Poland. We inform the clients and potential business partners. We a proven track record of achievements in creating new market categories.

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Increasing employee engagement

We've conducted tens of internal communication audits. We design and implement internal communication systems and plans in organizations of any size.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We help organizations in the M&A processes. We prepare communication strategies targeting: employees working in acquiring and acquired companies, business partners, and other stakeholders.

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Increased competition

We help to maintain and strengthen market position. We support our clients in the changing reality: need to cut costs, speed up processes and effective reaction to competitors' actions.

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Expansion to foreign markets

We provide communication support outside Poland. In 2015 we've joined Plexus - the network of independent PR consultancies operating on all continents, with global know-how and contacts.

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Change of strategy

We support companies in the process of change. We've helped to reposition companies that changed their branding, target markets, assortment or other significant elements of their strategy.

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Depending on the needs of our clients we create communication plans utilizing the following elements:

Media relations

Planning and managing social media

Strategy and communication plan development

Channel relations

Internal communication

Integrated communication

Content marketing

Corporate events

Website planning

Company blogs and social media

Corporate social responsibility


While implementing strategies we utilize all PR tools and techniques:

Public affairs

Communication audits

Preparing marketing materials

Crisis management and anti-crisis systems

Customer relations

Investor relations

PR tranings and coaching

Support of sales

Strategic advisory

Corporate PR

Product PR